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curriculum vitae/autobiography

Studies, Qualifications

1979-1985    “Erkel Ferenc” music school of Miskolc

    - oboe (Basic level)

1985-1989    “Bartók Béla” Secondary School of Music of Miskolc

    - oboe (intermediate level)

1989.    Secondary school Graduate B-10/1989

    - Secondary degree musician

1990.    driver license category "B"

1989-1993    “Liszt Ferenc” College of Music Teacher Constitution Institute of Miskolc

   -  oboe-, oboe teacher, and wind band conductor (BA)

1993.    Degree: 5/1993 

   -  Oboe teacher basic, wind band conductor, chamber artist

2006.    ECDL start computer user license

    - HU-BOR0246000000394

2009.    English A2 komplex language exam

    - 39807/2009

2012-2013    „University of Miskolc Bartók Béla Institute of Music” Master's degree

    - oboe teacher (MA

2013.    Diploma: 36/2013

   -  Certified oboe teacher



since 1993    Orchestra of the National Theater of Miskolc

    • since 1997    First oboe
    • since 1998    Wood wind section leader

since 1993    Symphony Orchestra of Eger oboe, English horn 

since 2001    Self-employed, ( next to  full time work)

since 2015    Miner Concert Wind band of Pereces conductor

since 2020    Cultural Association of Pereces Executive Director


1992-1995    Symphony Orchestra of Miskolc
oboe, English horn 

1992-2002    Reményi Ede” Chamber Orchestra
I. oboe

1998-2001    MÁV Concert Wind band of Miskolc conductor

1992-2007    “Egressy Béni” Music School of Miskolc
oboe-, blockflöte-, chamber music- teacher.

2003-2007     University of Miskolc "Bartók Béla" Institute of Music instructor (instrument pedagogy, material knowledge, teaching method)

2003-2015    kis szeptim”  Cultural Association
President, Art Director.